City Treasurer

Under the direction and supervision of the City Administrator, the City Treasurer is responsible for the collection, receipt and deposit of all City funds, in accordance with Wisconsin State Statutes and the City of Hillsboro Ordinances. The City Treasurer provides analysis of the City’s financial position and performs other related duties as directed or assigned. The City Treasurer is engaged in various accounting, payroll, cash receipting and disbursements, debt management, clerical, and records management functions. The City Treasurer performs its duties with absolute integrity and honesty under the general supervision of the City Administrator.

City Treasurer
Lisa Johnson
123 Mechanic St.
P.O. Box 447
Hillsboro, WI 54634



Interested in receiving Room Tax funds for a touristic cause? Fill out a room tax allocation form to be considered for room tax funds for your event or community promotion! 
For more information, contact the City Administrator at 608-489-2521.