Tax incremental financing (TIF) is the most effective tool Wisconsin cities and villages have to spur economic development and job creation. Municipalities have been using TIF successfully since 1975. The TIF process allows a municipality to pay for public improvements and other eligible costs within a designated area, called a tax incremental district (TID), using the future taxes collected on the TID’s increased property value to repay the cost of the improvements. The rationale behind TIF is that the public investment will promote private development, jobs, and tax base growth that would not otherwise occur absent the TID.

 The City of Hillsboro utilizes Tax Increment Districts (TIDs) as a way to help achieve our economic development goals. The City of Hillsboro currently has 2 active TID districts throughout our community. Overall, the City of Hillsboro has had a total of 5 TIDs, 3 of which have closed out, quite successfully. 

Scroll though this page to learn more about how a TID works, additional information regarding the City's active and future TIDs.

For additional information, please refer to the State of Wisconsin, Department of Revenue