HCDA Building Preservation and Improvement Grant Program

The purpose of the Building Preservation and Improvement Grant Program is to assist a new or existing business located within the commercial (C1) district of the City of Hillsboro with the upgrade and renewal of the exterior elements of existing commercial buildings, including roofing, windows, tuck-pointing, and other preservation activities. The improvements may focus on the front, side or rear of the building, but must be sufficient in scope to preserve structural and historical integrity of the building. The primary focus of this program shall be on commercial buildings with historical significance in the downtown. The following requirements have been established by the City of Hillsboro and the Community Development Authority (CDA) for administrating the program. The CDA operates the program, including the approval process. The program is jointly funded by the CDA and City. The proposed project must be consistent with the City of Hillsboro Downtown Business Design Standards and applicable Building and Zoning Codes. The CDA has the authority to recommend specific design conditions for each project. All applicants of the program must meet the following criteria to be considered for the review process.

Eligible Businesses: Any new or existing commercial business that has identified their current building as in need of repair, dilapidated, non-conforming to design standards in the district, outdated, blighted or any other satisfactory justification for need of the award. The applicant must be the owner of the building to receive the benefit. Individuals renting or leasing space for their business must work with the building owner to receive an award. Funds shall be prioritized for businesses in buildings that have historical significance to the downtown.